OpenAI launches GPT-4 API for all paying customers

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OpenAI launches GPT-4 API for all paying customers

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OpenAI launches GPT-4 API for all paying customers

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On Thursday, OpenAI announced that all paying API customers now have access to the GPT-4 API. It also introduced updates to chat-based models, announced a shift from the Completions API to the Chat Completions API, and outlined plans for deprecation of older models.

Generally considered its most powerful API product, the GPT-4 API first launched in March but has been under closed testing until now. As an API, developers can use a special interface to integrate OpenAI’s large language model (LLM) into their own products for uses such as summarization, coding assistance, analysis, and composition. The model runs remotely on OpenAI’s servers and provides output to other apps over the Internet.

OpenAI says the GPT-4 API with 8K context is accessible to existing developers who have a successful payment history, with plans to open access to new developers by the end of July. And in a move to distance itself from older GPT-3-style models, OpenAI has also opted to begin retiring “Completions API” models in favor of newer Chat Completions API models. Since its March launch, OpenAI says that its Chat Completions API models now account for 97 percent of OpenAI’s API GPT usage.

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Dropping waitlist, devs can build the GPT-4 language model into their apps.

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