Microsoft seems to have leaked the Surface Pro LTE specs, availability itself [Updated]

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Microsoft seems to have leaked the Surface Pro LTE specs, availability itself [Updated]

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Enlarge / Surface Pro with a Cobalt Blue Type Cover.

In one of those moments that leaves you scratching your head and wondering how it happened, the specifications and release date of the Surface Pro LTE appear to have been leaked by Microsoft staff speaking in an official capacity on behalf of the company.

When Microsoft announced the 2017 refresh of its Surface Pro tablet, the company promised a version with integrated LTE for those who need connectivity on the go. Since that initial announcement, we’ve heard nothing about when this device would become available or what its specs would be. The news that Panos Panay, corporate vice president of Microsoft Devices, would be at an event in London in October led to speculation that this would be the moment we learned when the LTE device would materialize.

That may still be the case, but at its Ignite conference this week any surprise or novelty to such an announcement was ruined. As reported by Neowin, at a presentation titled “Surface product engineering behind the scenes, and deep dive on the new Surface Pro,” a Microsoft spokesperson said that the product would be available on December 1. It would come in two i5-based configurations: one with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage, the other with 8GB and 256GB.

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They’ll be out before Christmas, but no i7 versions will be available.

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