Here’s what you’ll need to upgrade to Windows 11

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Here’s what you’ll need to upgrade to Windows 11

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Since Microsoft’s announcement of Windows 11 yesterday, one concern has reverberated around the web—what’s this about a Trusted Platform Module requirement?

Windows 11 is the first Windows version to require a TPM, and most self-built PCs (and cheaper, home-targeted OEM PCs) don’t have a TPM module on board. Although this requirement is a bit of a mess, it’s not as onerous as millions of people have assumed. We’ll walk you through all of Windows 11’s announced requirements, including TPM—and make sure to note when all this is likely to be a problem.

General hardware requirements

Although Windows 11 does bump general hardware requirements up some from Windows 10’s extremely lenient minimums, it will still be challenging to find a PC that doesn’t meet most of these specifications. Here’s the list:

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The TPM requirement has many Windows 10 users worried—often unnecessarily.

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